Sunday, June 22, 2014

This blog has moved to my website!

I exported all of these posts into my new website blog page - Weaving In The Loose Ends

Please join me and my endeavors as I continue to strive to open the yarn shop this September!

And, as always, thank you for your support!


Saturday, June 7, 2014


Well, there is not very much to it right now, but it is very colorful and bright and I just love the design job that did for me!

Go ahead and check it out....and get back to me with what you think!

Yes, there is a blog page. I will start a new blog there once my brick and mortar is open.

Speaking of brick and mortar, did I mention I applied for a place on N.Tower Ave, Centralia? It was about a week ago, and they should be done with the background check by now. I called on Friday and left a message with the Realtor asking for an update, but I never heard back from her. They are about to get harassed, starting on Monday!

In the meantime, a Ravelry friend and I are working up our sample projects for the commercial yarn line I will be stocking - Noro, Ella Rae, Debbie Bliss, Juniper Moon Farms, Painted Desert, and much more!

I meet with the Malabrigo representative in 2 weeks! woohoo sock yarn!

Also, I really want to thank those who are supporting me and my endeavors. Even the random serendipitous support has been fantastic! I recently ran into a lady from Bellevue who closed/retired her collectibles shop. I am happy to say that I am getting quite a bit of glass display cubes, a cash register, the register stand and cabinet, all for a great deal! Yipppeeee!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update for the month of May

Well, I can't believe it's been three weeks since my last post! I have a milestone today - I submitted an application for a retail space - 401 N. Tower, to be exact. Hopefully it will get approved and I will finally be on my way to my brick & mortar dream!

ALSO, my website is almost ready! Actually, it is pretty ready, but since I don't have anything to offer yet, it is not ready for publishing quite yet.

The rest of this month has been dedicated to networking and finishing up my business plan....which isn't finished yet.....

As for networking, I located the Centralia Downtown Association's (CDA) Facebook page and posted the link to this blog, and the president of the board invited me to their next board meeting.

A strange coincidence - a few days later I happened to be downtown in a coffee shop with a yarn distributor, and a stranger came up to me and said "You must be Teva! I see all this yarn and figured it had to be you!" and that was how I met Steve, the CDA president.

The CDA board meeting went SOOOO LONG, I didn't think I would have anyone left to talk to after it was over. Those who weren't board members weren't required to stay, so half of the group was gone by the time I was able to talk about my plans for the shop. Everyone was excited to have a new type of shop in the area and are very supportive. What was really neat though, was that after the meeting, the board members hung around and walked along the sidewalk and pointed out a few empty spaces for me to consider - and this was at 9:30 at night on a Thursday!

And then there is This is a great resource for those who knit or crochet - and I think spinning and weaving are picking up on this social site as well. I created a group for my shop and I am really excited about the support that everyone is giving, and membership to the group is growing daily. One recommendation is to have a sit & stitch group meet downtown once a week at a local eatery, until I get my shop open. I think that is an awesome idea and I'm going to take a look at a few places this week.

I am really enjoying my new little hometown. :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

I will not be defeated!

On my hunt for a retail's not looking so good. I checked out one place, and the owner apparently didn't 'like' me or something, because he never returned my phone calls after that. I'm very disappointed in his lack of professionalism.

The next place I looked at is AWESOME......but it is a huge warehouse (10,000 sq ft!) and he wants a couple thousand dollars a month for rent. I was hoping to have a few subleaser's interested, but they aren't faring well right now and wouldn't be able to afford it. I definitely can't do the rent by myself.

I'm looking for a good 1500 sq ft to get started with. There is one place on Tower that is being renovated but they obviously aren't looking for a lease agreement until that's completed.

My only option, I think, is to start looking off of the main strip...but there aren't a whole lot of options there, either, because I want to be in on the local foot traffic. I don't want to be too far away from the heart of the city. I want to become a downtown staple!

Still plugging away at my Business Plan....will probably be looking for a CPA soon.....

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Logo's are here!

I reviewed and accepted my new logo's yesterday! woohoo! Also, you can find us here:

This one is going to be our "Limited Edition" logo. I am going to print that only on a few things like maybe 10 canvas bags, etc, and then offer them up in raffles and things.

This one is our 'EVERY DAY' logo. I can't wait to get coffee mugs, stickers, canvas bags, etc printed up! 

Now, if only I could find the retail space I need!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Enjoying the Process

My boyfriend and I just spent the last 5 days in Northern California and recharged. It was fantastic, spent some time in the Russian River Valley (wine tasting!), enjoyed the sun, spent a day in San Francisco, and drove along the coast and through the majestic Redwood Forest on the way back home (my favorite part).

While we were there, we checked out two local yarn shops and talked with the owners for a few minutes. I would love to give a shout out to Trudy, the owner of Yarnitudes in Sebastopol (near Santa Rosa) and to Rosanne of Purls of Joy in Healdsburg, about 30 minutes north. They greeted us right when we stepped through their doors and immediately made us feel like part of the family. When I explained that I was planning on opening my own store in Washington, they were so very supportive- and almost overwhelmed me with lessons learned and hints! The wealth of knowledge between the two - to include the stitchers at Purls of Joy who were there working on their projects - was so vast, and everyone was so much fun to talk to. I will take their comments to heart and keep in touch.

I am rejuvenated. I had to make it a point NOT to think about what I want to do with my shop while on vacation and just enjoy the moment. (It was so very difficult to keep my mind quiet!) As we were getting closer to home, however, I could feel my mind start to crank up again.

I will definitely be incorporating Trudy's and Rosanne's ideas in my shop. Some of the ideas I already had tossed around as possibilities. One thing that I did completely change my mind on was the color of the shelving. Remember in my earlier blog that I wanted dark shelving? Well, after walking into Purls of Joy and being blinded by the brightness - which was a GOOD thing, I was convinced that WHITE shelving is the way to go. How much better to see the yarn colors!

Keep stitching!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The search is on

Well I checked out two potential leases today. One was for 5,000 square feet and the other was 1200.

The 5,000 sf place was EXACTLY WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR. Except that I don't think my yarn shop is going to make $2000 a month right off the bat. So that one is on my "will move into someday" list.

The 1200sf place is also a good place for a start-up, but it was a salon&spa before and it has too many small rooms that would have to be demo'd. I don't want to demo. Also, it has a drop ceiling that I would want to demo, because the REAL ceiling, maybe 6 feet higher, HAS THE ORIGINAL TIN CEILING SQUARES!!! Oh, that would be so awesome to see every day. Owner only wants $500 a month for it, but it is on a side street and not quite on the main "antique mall" strip.

There is one more shop available that I am pretty sure is the one for me right now. It is probably 3,000 sf and it the storefront is RIGHT ON THE STREET that I want. The owner wants $600 a month. However, I know the person who owns the belly dancing studio right next door, and with her help there's a chance I could get him to drop the rent 50-100 bucks. Worth a shot!

So now I am trying to get off of my duff and get the financial projections together. It's a pain in the ass and the leg work....ugh. I need to decide how much, what type, and what colors of yarn to get initially ordered. Notions, too. What sizes of knitting needles? How many of each size? Same with crochet needles too.

There is a local glassworks guy and I might be able to get an order of glass stitch markers made....

I think I am going to shoot for a September  or October Grand Opening. Which means I will be stocking for fall and Christmas initially. Now I just need to find wholesalers in the local area. :)

A safe for the cash. A file cabinet. A scale so when I buy roving in 50lb bulk I can break it down and sell it by the oz. (roving is fiber for spinners to make yarn out of).

This blog is a great place for me to get my thoughts together.

Peg board and hooks. Where do I get that from? hmm, more research to do!

Yarn that I know I am going to have initially: Malabrigo wool. Alpaca. Sock weight. Sport weight.
I am also going to look at knitting patterns and have those available with the yarn it calls for too. Does anyone have any ideas? Feel free to post them in the comments!

Ok, enough procrastinating, back to finances I go.....